Certainly Cecilie’s Banking institutions Composed Regarding The woman Loans

Certainly Cecilie’s Banking institutions Composed Regarding The woman Loans

Even after what you Simon went using prior to and you can inside situations secured regarding the documentary, as well as planning jail double, the guy will not appear to have read things. In the , shortly after their discharge, Simon produced headlines once more. He’d pretended are a good paramedic so you’re able to located this new COVID vaccine very early, showing you to their tendency to embrace fake identities had not moved out. Simon explained to Israel’s Station twelve that he was not ”an individual who delays inside the outlines,” exemplifying which he just continues to phony internautas to obtain exactly what he wants, however, the guy stays unapologetic about any of it, even in the event caught. Simon’s social networking nevertheless displays an expensive lifetime, and his latest spouse is actually maiotaku a keen Israeli model. Though there is absolutely no evidence that he is however conning individuals maintain so it life, at the very least, Simon provides apparently ended up themselves incapable of remaining honest.

The women looked in the documentary Tinder Swindler have admitted they have been still unable to pay back their obligations, specifically Cecilie, that has acquired over $250,100000 while in the the lady time having Simon. She has claimed one she dont go back home to help you Norway due to the fact she anxieties the fresh new loan providers here, and many of the financial institutions she took away finance off continue to help you hound her for cash. Cecilie shared (via ELLE) that ”she’s become brought to legal by four banks, provides eight financial institutions already chasing this lady to have payment, along with her personal debt continues to collect.” But not, not everybody has been thus indifferent to the lady problem. Among banking companies decided to write off her financial obligation to help you her or him entirely, and a worker around checked because an experience in one of this lady courtroom instances. Cecilie remembered him describing one finance companies has actually insurance coverage just for such types of factors, in which he decided not to appreciate this others banks have been unforgivable.

Simon Was Relatively Lifeless With the Tinder

In a statement, Tinder reported an inside investigation hadn’t bare people facts you to Simon stays energetic on the software under one understood aliases. Needless to say, it is very possible that the guy only gone back to the site below yet another title or transformed to a different relationships app to carry on his strategies, but each of their negative coverage – because of the reporters just who very first bankrupt the storyline too since this documentary – tends to make their disadvantages far more hard to accomplish. There is no solution to know certainly in the event Simon features abandoned their lays until other people will come forward with a similar facts so you can Cecilie, Pernilla, and you may Ayleen’s.

Even though Netflix’s documentary Tinder Swindler says Simon might have been straight back with the the fresh new Tinder software given that their discharge, the business have common that they don’t believe he still spends they

Diketahui dalam movie dokumenter tersebut, ia meraih uang dengan menipu sebesar 10 juta dolar Since the atau sekira Rp 143,7 miliar.

Simon pun sempat melarikan diri ke luar negeri pada tahun 2011 untuk menghindari laporan terkait penipuan yang dilakukannya pada awal umur 20 tahun, dikutip dari Some body.

Kemudian ia kembali lagi ke Israel pada tahun 2017, tetapi sebelum dirinya dipenjara kembali, ia terbang ke benua Eropa untuk kedua kalinya dan mengganti nama menjadi Simon Leviev.

Saat memakai identitas palsunya, ia mendeskripsikan dirinya sebagai seseorang yang kaya dan bekerja di sebuah bisnis berlian bernama LLD Expensive diamonds.

Namun perlu diketahui, LLD Expensive diamonds dan Lev Leviev adalah benar adanya tetapi Simon Leviev sama sekali tidak memiliki hubungan apapun.

Bahkan dirinya memiliki sebuah situs yang menawarkan bantuan dalam hal bisnis dengan mematok bayaran sebesar lebih dari 3 hundred dolar Once the.

Even if Netflix’s documentary Tinder Swindler states Simon could have been right back towards the new Tinder software while the their launch, the organization enjoys shared which they don’t believe the guy still spends it

Diketahui dalam motion picture dokumenter tersebut, ia meraih uang dengan menipu sebesar 10 juta dolar Since atau sekira Rp 143,7 miliar.