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Each other possess very ambivalent ideas about gender: while they cam or remember intercourse nearly usually, and also offer so you can other people regarding their sexual knowledge and experience, both are actually scared from gender, actually are self-confessed virgins

D. Salinger’s New Catcher regarding the Rye, as label ways, was a book constructed on literary the thing is that and allusions; as a result, the hero, Holden Caulfield, might have been than the a number of almost every other characters, off both American and you can community literature.1 The new closest out-of Holden’s bloodstream brothers, because the actually a basic questionnaire of the problem from Salinger’s novel will reveal, is thought to be Huckleberry Finn.2 And you will yes discover popular likenesses between Huck and you may Holden: both are stressed teenagers on the move–mentally, linguistically, and you can geographically–regarding a grown-up community that they get a hold of pretentious, hypocritical, superficial, horrible, and you can dangerous.