So they really need certainly to create plans

Both of them should not battle each other which extends to the friend teams. Furthermore their professor is respiration off the neck concerning the entire procedure, and struggle at the end of Ep. 2 try probably its last alerting.

Throughout the examine so you’re able to Ep. step 3 we see Pran and Tap position at the forgotten pavilion revealing the entire situation.

Option 1: Let’s let them know our company is friends

Pran and you can Prat continue to be inside their ’no means we are friends’ stage, while they have a history of relationship (and perhaps crushes??).

Pran was opposed to this concept. Informing (otherwise admitting) to their friends you to both of them was friends, is simply for some reason maybe not believable and may even maybe not prevent the fresh conflict within attributes. One another Pran and you will Pat have been ‘fighting’ each other as well as their family members trust he’s got a similar advice since the her or him regarding frontrunner of one’s most other professors. The latest guys tend to concern their management reputation and you may authority. It isn’t an excellent bundle, and you will Pran understands they. So what ’s the solution? Really an excellent that individuals keeps Pat with an excellent suggestion…

Solution dos: Let us tell them the audience is … men up coming?

Pran are tossed off guard, just as we were by the that examine, but why don’t we consider this to be. What might they give people they know who justify to cease the fighting, and just have define as to the reasons one another Pran and you will Pat was indeed relatively opposition. The answer will be to let them know he or she is from inside the a key matchmaking, and you will did not need people to read, and this actedas whenever they was indeed rivals/opponents.