Asmodeus did actually a minumum of one witches a bit regarding the 1930s and arranged a great deal

After Paranormal Pastime: Ghost Measurement and you can Paranormal Pastime: 2nd regarding Kin]], Tobi performs varying physical versions, illustrated by actors Draw Steger and you will Kirby Johnson.

Records (During Videos)

Asmodeus create offer money and you may supernatural capability to any just who expected because of it in return for the life span otherwise spirit of the second men to-be born for the you to definitely family members range. Some of those supernatural efforts was in fact causing artificial amnesia and you can summoning Asmodeus, as well as other demons. Along the next 50 decades your family produced four more lady however, zero people; Lois, the woman child Julie, along with her individual girl Katie and you can Kristi. Asmodeus spent this time around silently haunting your family when he waited to own their payment.

Some time for the 1988, Asmodeus generated themselves proven to new youngest girl off Julie, Kristi, due to the fact ”Tobi”, after his ancient foe Tobias on the Guide of Tobit (Tobias’ father). Julie’s boyfriend Dennis, who had been managing the household at that time, first recorded Tobi accidently and you can inadvertently inside poline through the the lady sibling Katie’s ninth party. Tobi took up quarters inside a great crawlspace in the Kristi’s and you will Katie’s place and engaged in late-nights game which have Kristi.